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[sticky post] If you ask me to reupload a smutty manga


I've already posted this note but with the same questions still popping up to me, I'm gonna write this again in my bio and in this post. I'm going to elaborate a little so I wouldn't have to repeat myself.

- I don't reupload whole past sets. If you're interested in a specific manga, name it.
- I prefer posting more "new mangas" than past uploads. So the reuploads don't exceed one third of a batch.
- I don't reupload mangas that have been licensed in English and released by the publisher.
- Scanlators' requests are exceptions.

For mangas I don't reupload, I at least inform the person it's available for purchase in English.
If I don't reply to your comment and the manga you've requested fits my conditions, I will eventually reupload it in a future post in a new batch of smutty shoujos/joseis.

Now, I'll tell you some of my quirks about posting those sets of smutty TLs/OLs:
- I post when I want to, not when you ask me to. I have a real life and sharing smutty mangas or reuploading them is certainly not my priority.
- I don't post the download links for the public to see. My livejournal is public. The links are posted to a private community. Private means private. You're not a member of the group, you don't get the treats. Read my whole messages at my livejournal when I announce a new set release, the clues are right under your nose about where to get the mangas.
- You only have a few days to download the links before I remove them. I always give you the deadline. So when it's too late, it's too late. Say clearly you're requesting the reupload of the manga you covet following my rules. I'll listen to you and file it for a later re-share.
- I will ignore every message asking where's the link. I already answered.

Smutty shoujo and josei only

Hello, the new set of raws is here!

You have until November, 20 to get the whole batch at free_manga. After that date, the links will be removed.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. TAKASUKA Chisa: Honey Hunt
2. SHIOTA Michiko: Danna-sama wa Yakimochi Onzoushi!
3. TSUKISHIMA Aya: Ore ni ochi na yo
4. PIERRE Yamamoto: Magical Mint Night
5. Ao Meguro: LOVE karute ~Koi no yamai wa shinkouchuu!~
6. YAMADA Mei: Choukyou S Office
7. MINAMOTO Kazuki: Gesu koi-kun no Karada ni koishiteru (DL LE)
8. KIMI Sae: Kokoro no Kajitsu
9. MINAMI Haruko: Kedamomo to Hanayome - Gouin Shachou no Kekkon Meirei
10. NATSUO Kou: Souryo to riyuu ari hanayome
11. DOUMORI Aji: Sukidakara×Sukinanoni
12. AOYAMA Risa: Koi ni Ochitara
13. YAMAGUCHI Nene: 2-kai ni Ichido wa Iki o Haku
14. MEGUMI Kei: Kinai - Haitoku no Triangle
15. HACHIKUMO Rin: Ijiwaru joushi to o miai sengen!!
16. HINO Kaen: Kekkon Gokko.
17. YOKODA Yoko: Katabutsu shachou no mitsuai ruumu
18. TANAKA Minori: Itadakimasu!
19. NATSUO Kou: S no Kagi M no Kagiana
20. KOMADA Hachi: Kichiku Sensei no Ai Dorei

Long time no see. I've been involved these last few months with scanlation... still am. So less time for screencapturing and sharing. But well, Halloween is coming very soon. My team mate allowed me a few days to myself — read she's too busy with RL to translate — before returning to scanlation hell. So I decided to prep up a few scans for the smut fiends. ( ̄ω ̄)
Have a nice read!


[Sharing] Kouduki Rin and Sheikh?

[UPDATE 27/10/2016]Added part 99 to 102

I like a lot Kouduki-sensei's art style —so lovely art!
I don't post often about what I actually collect. I tend to grab whatever I find on the Internet, dump it somewhere in my hard drive and forget about it until something comes up reminding me I did get it.

I'm presently following a few series online, like the works released in the Next comics web magazine. It started because I saw one day Fleur, by Nagato Kayo. I still don't know what's going on in this series. So if you'd like to write a summary, I remind you that I've posted the raws of the first 3 volumes (digital versions) at free_manga.

But I'm digressing. I don't know if anybody has already mentionned Kouduki-sensei's sheikh theme recent work. It looks like it was out in January this year. I'm tempted to buy the digital version when there'll be one if nobody posts scans of the physical book until then. For now, I'm sharing the free chapters I've collected online.

I've removed the links from volume 1 to 8 because someone has shared the scans of the printed books somewhere around the internet. Good hunting.

I'll continue from volume 9 with the magazine releases until the scans for the tankoubon version appear somewhere.
I've already bought the first tankoubon, digital version, and am planning to purchase the rest of the series.

Title: Kokuyou no Sheikh wa Ai wo Sasayaku
Author: KOUDUKI Rin

VOLUME 1: part 1 to 7
VOLUME 2: part 8 to 14
VOLUME 3: part 15 to 21
VOLUME 4: part 22 to 32
I missed part 28 when it was released. From my vague memories, I think it was about 8-10 pages long.
VOLUME 5: part 33 to 45
VOLUME 6: part 46 to 59
VOLUME 7: part 60 to 72
VOLUME 8: part 73 to 85
Grab the links when you still can!Collapse )

If someone per chance wants to use my files for scanlation, tell me and I'll send you the slightly better unmarked raws.
And here comes the chapter 3 of Reforming Lord Ragsdale! At long last!


Go find out the details of today's release at PopiahL's place.

It is PopiahL's first scanlation project, so I'm pointing to you that feedback is appreciated. A kind word or just a comment showing interest always do someone good.
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Now, the part where we need everybody's help.


About a month ago, PopiahL had tried reaching out to Transient Mirage, offering her translation services for the Wallflowers series. But no reply as of now. They haven't been much active this year — their last post dates from January…

So I'm asking the people reading this message to pass the word that if someone possesses one or more books of the Japanese manga series and is willing to share the scans for a potential scanlation, could they please contact PopiahL at her site:

Old edition:

Or new edition:

It seems relevant to give precedence to the Wallflowers series, since the first manga has already been scanlated. But PopiahL is actually interested in any Lisa Kleypas manga — if you're a little curious, take a look at her deviations.
( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Harlequin comics raws, anyone? (33)

And so I continue trying to reduce a little my screencapture waiting list of Harlequin & Romance comic raws. In a way, it's a good thing that I'm busy with scanlation right now, so I have less time getting tempted by new purchases.

Harlequin comics

• [Meg Alexander×MURATA Junko]The Love Child (3 books)
• [Helen Brooks×TANABE Mayumi]The Devil You Know
• [Kat Cantrell×KISHIDA Reiko]Pregnant by Morning
• [Susanna Carr×NAGASAWA Satoru]bd2-The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar
• [Debra Carroll×KARINO Mao]To Catch a Thief
• [Lori Foster(bb4)×JET]Jordan
• [Catherine George×SACHIMI Riho]Husband for Real
• [Kate Hewitt(dh1)×ASO Ayumu]The Prince She Never Knew
• [Kate Hewitt(dh2)×SOMA Jinko]Kholodov’s Last Mistress
• [Penny Jordan(pc1)×HASHIMOTO Takako]A Perfect Family
• [Penny Jordan(wmeb1)×YAMASHITA Tomomi]The Wealthy Greek’s Contract Wife
• [Sharon Kendrick×MIDORI Yukako]dmq2-Shamed in the Sands
• (mcm5)[Jennifer Lewis×SAKURANO Nayuna]The Maverick's Virgin Mistress
• [Catherine Mann×TODA Megumi]lb1-Rich Man’s Fake Fiancee
• [Sandra Marton×TAKIGAWA Eve]b1-Marriage on the Edge
• [Barbara McMahon×KAWASHIMA Rika]Greek Boss, Dream Proposal
• [Lucy Monroe(rb3)×UCHIDA Kazuna]The Prince’s Virgin Wife
• (bb7)[Sarah Morgan×ARISAWA Ryo]Bella’s Disgrace
• [Carole Mortimer×NAKAMURA Rie]ssc1-Jordan St Claire~Dark and Dangerous
• [Susan Napier×NAKAYAMA Sara]Phantom Lover
• [Tessa Radley×YUMI Eko]The Boss’s Baby Affair
• [Kathryn Taylor×TAKAGI Kana]The Forbidden Bride-to-Be
• [Anne Weale×KOBAYASHI Hiromi]Worthy of Marriage
• [Maisey Yates×NARUKAMI Yutta]Her Little White Lie

Details and samples for each manga can be read at the following pages:
► Harlequin comics raws: A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z | Complete multi-author series
► Non-Harlequin manga raws: Adapted from Western works | Original Japanese works

If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.
But I suggest for English speaking scanlators to look preferably at the non-Harlequin manga list. The Harlequin comics are consistently translated into English by the publisher. So sooner or later, the one you're interested in will get translated. Contrastingly, the non-Harlequin mangas are barely picked by anyone.

Romance manga raws, anyone? (32)

I keep piling the raws purchases and still have no time to screencapture them all. Today is a rare opportunity for me to update a little my Harlequin & Romance comic raws collection by adding a few Romance mangas that have been waiting in my hard drive for months, some of them for over a year. Yeah, I'm the laziest of the slackers.
Romance comics
First we have the Romance comics based on Western novels:
• [Patricia K. Azeltine×SAKURAYA Hibiki]Temporary Husband
• [Barbara Cartland×HANABUSA Yoko]Paradise Found
• [Barbara Cartland×HANABUSA Yoko]The Wings of Ecstasy
• [Barbara Cartland×KOBAYASHI Hiromi]The Innocent Imposter
• [Barbara Cartland×MIYAMOTO Karin]Love in the Dark
• [Janet Daily×HARADA Makiko]The Second Time
• [Aimee Duvall×KISHIDA Reiko]One More Tomorrow
• [Liz Grady×KOBAYASHI Hiromi]Reclaim the Dream
• [Anne Hampson×MOCHIZUKI Reiko]Sweet Second Love
• [E. M. Hull×HANABUSA Yoko]The Sheikh
• [Valerie King×HASHIMOTO Takako]Wicked and Wonderful
• [Jayne Ann Krentz×HASHIMOTO Takako]Trust Me
• [Connie Mason×SAITO Chiho]Sheik
• [Nora Roberts×HANABUSA Yoko]Tonight and Always
• [Elizabeth Thornton×HASHIMOTO Takako]The Marriage Trap
• [Patricia Waddell(gc4)×SANAZAKI Harumo]He Said Never

Then the original Japanese works:
• [HAMAGUCHI Natsuko]Boku dake no Princess
• [Kate Field×HANASATO Hikari]Kamen no Sheikh
• [Sharon Andrew×NAGASAKI Maoko]Matenrou no Sheikh
• [SAKAI Miwa]Millionaire lawyer likes redhead+A night at the ball
• [SANAZAKI Harumo]Sheikh ni Koi no Hanataba wo
• [Margaret Channing×TACHIBANA Kaya]Sabaku no Ou ni Dakaretara

Plus these 2 that are completing the Sheikh to ai no daiya series:
• (sad2)[OGATA Rin]Aoki Hoshikage no Chikai
• (sad3)[MAKI Shoko]Aoki Ryuusa no Kuchizuke

Details and samples for each manga can be read at the following pages:
► Harlequin comics raws: A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z | Complete multi-author series
► Non-Harlequin manga raws: Adapted from Western works | Original Japanese works

If someone is interested in scanlating a story or more in that list, you can submit a request for the raws HERE.
But I suggest for English speaking scanlators to look preferably at the non-Harlequin manga list. The Harlequin comics are consistently translated into English by the publisher. So sooner or later, the one you're interested in will get translated. Contrastingly, the non-Harlequin mangas are barely picked by anyone.

[Release]Romance genre is my lifeblood!

The second chapter of Reforming Lord Ragsdale is out! This part was hell to edit but so fun to read at the same time! I hope you'll enjoy it as well.


Go meet PopiahL — my partner — and learn more about this pet project of ours.

I remind you it's her first time translating and participating in scanlation. Even if we do this primarily for our own satisfaction, receiving feedback can also be gratifying.


So these last weeks, I've been busy with RL and a new challenge. This has left me too little time to screencapture mangas.

Because when a few weeks ago, I received a request for a title in my Harlequin & Romance comic raws list from a newbie translator with zero experience in scanlation, I accepted enthusiastically — I've been waiting for sooo long that a scanlator would take a look at this manga — and offered my help too.

That's how the 2 of us ended up laboring on our first collaboration. Here's your hint about what we've been plotting: (⌒.−)=★


Now, go greet my partner in scanlation hell, PopiahL, and look at today's release!

Smutty shoujo and josei only

And one more batch of smuttiness.
You have until June, 20 to grab these at free_manga. After that date, the links will be taken down.


1. Remi: Shachou no Amai Yuuwaku
2. YAMAGUCHI Nene: Zettai Renai Shoukougun
3. NEKOMIYA Nao: Ookami Joushi no Amai Ejiki
4. AIDA Sachiko: S no Ryuugi
5. SUGIMOTO Farina & TSUKIMORI Ichika: Sayonakidori Renya
6. MITSUKI Kazumi: Kareshi Teikoku
7. MOMOJIRI Sumomo: Gohoubi wa Sekkan no Atode
8. SHIGA Sawori: Office Love Tactics
9. TAJIMA Yuri: Mayonaka no Shachoushitsu wa Aiyoku ni Nurete…
10. AOYAMA Risa: Himitsu no Midnight Office
11. Ao Meguro: Zangyou teate attakai!
12. TSUKISHIMA Aya: Yokujou Marriage ~ Ore-sama Shachou to Furachi na Chikai
13. HORI Erio: Elevator wa Mitsuai no Ori
14. ABE Tsumika: Fugou Shachou to Laundry Girl
15. MINAMI Haruko: Kyouju to Furachi na Kouhai Koushou
16. TOKORO Kemeko: Kuro Ookami no Ichizoku volume 1 & 2
17. HINASE Yuuki: Twilight
18. KOMADA Hachi: Kichiku Sensei no Ai Dorei
19. ASHIKA Nozomu: Neko ni Koban to Otokomae
20. BANDOH Iruka: Hime to Inma no Utage

Enjoy your read and have a nice day!


Feeling nostalgic

Looking through my Harlequin raws collection, one artist makes me ache for another mangaka terribly.

I miss you so much, Takashima-sensei.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The BL community lost a great artist when she went on hiatus so many years ago. I used to think that should she not have suffered the trouble she had met, she would have become one of the top BL artists, maybe in the same league as Yamane Ayano-sensei. And Yamane-sama is my ultimate reference for the BL genre!

I'm so very sad that Last Client will likely never get the end it deserves.
‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Takashima Kazusa-san proved with this manga how good she was with drama, adult themes, heavy angst and bloody action.

I miss you, Takashima-sensei. 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。